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Domain Brokers


Somebody else has the domain name I want for my business.

I'm interested in a certain type of name, how can I find and acquire it?

Every domain name is taken, how can I get a good domain?

The owner of the domain I'm interested in, wants way too much for it.

We have some domains we are no longer wanting and would like to sell them.

Many situations arise where finding or acquiring the right or 'that-must-have' domain name, or where one wants to sell a domain name, is a process where more resources are needed than most people have.

Here at NameInnovations.com we have those resources, and we can assist you with your domain name buying and selling needs with the professionalism you deserve. We have been in the domaining business for over 15 years, and bring over 24 years of brokering experience in the banking and financial industry. We understand the business of negotiating and will put forth our best efforts in helping you acquire or sell your domain name.

If you have a specific domain name in mind that is either listed for sale somewhere, or not listed for sale anywhere, with our resources we can discretely make inquiries to help you purchase that domain name.  You can feel confident in the knowledge that with us, you can trust that we will look out for your best interests.

If you have one domain name or a portfolio of domain names to sell, let us have a look, we would be glad to work with you and determine how they best can be sold in today’s market. 

To find out more how we can assist with your domain name buy/sell needs, contact us.




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