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Knowing how to choose the right domain name, extension, and keywords, is vital to one’s branding and domain marketing strategy. 

Knowing what domain names are good investments, for long or short term holds, can save and make you money.

Developing a domain name marketing strategy can be an effective marketing ploy and advantage.

Understanding the benefits of owning premium and exact match domain names, can save you substantially on marketing costs.

At NameInnovations.com we can help you determine the right domain name(s) for these and many other situations, that can and will enhance your online business ventures, web identity and customer retention.  Whatever your needs are, whether you are new to the domain world, seasoned, or looking for further guidance, we can help you find and achieve the right domain name solutions for your online needs.

Domain Name Points

Why a Good Domain Name is Important
Choosing a domain name is a major step for any individual and organization. It’s important to acquire a domain name that describes your services, is memorable, and makes your customers feel secure in knowing that they are dealing with a reputable expert in their respective field.

Cost-Effective to Your Bottom Line
A good domain name reduces the cost of advertising and in fact, a well-chosen domain name that may cost more initially, will pay for itself in the advertising money you will save in the long run!  Domains are the single biggest, best, and cheapest way to connect with others, and help them reach you.  A relevant keyword related domain name will provide people a direct pathway to your site, and can help you to gain new market reach.

Increase Traffic to Your Website
Domains are internet real estate and just like in the real world it’s all about location, location, location!  A domain name that is easy to remember, and is relevant to your services, is the doorway to you and your business.  Research has shown that people will type in a meaningful keyword domain name directly into their web browsers when searching for products and services.  And having a related generic keyword implanted as part of your domain name helps your ranking in the search engines, which in turn will drive more traffic to your website.

Domain Names as Investments
Domain names not only are web addresses, but can be very lucrative investments, whether they are built out for a website, or not.  As there can only be one domain name per word and extension, premium domain names are often coveted by many others, and depending on the interested party’s desire, can sell for substantial returns.

To learn more how we can be of assistance to your domain name needs, please contact us.




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